‘Viral’ Riddim

Govana- ‘Pretty Little Thing’

Govana has found a ‘Pretty Little Thing’ on the ‘Viral’ Riddim, she has the body of a goddess and Govana can’t take his mind off of her. Govana is feeling in a romantic mood on this track, comparing this girl’s attractiveness to Rihanna and Halle Berry. It’s fair to say that Govana is feeling some type of way about this girl.

Adonniss- ‘Mi A Juggle’

Adonniss drops a hustling anthem on ‘Mi A Juggle’ waking up at 5 o’clock he is ready to hustle and make sure that he can pursue his dreams, he’s looking to own a BMW and live a lavish life and Adonniss certainly knows the work he has to put in to get there.

Vershon- ‘Bad From Birth’

Vershon is ‘Bad From Birth’ on the ‘Viral’ Riddim, Vershon hasn’t taken any chat since he was born and he isn’t going to start now, if you diss Vershon be prepared to lay down ‘inna dirt’ because Vershon is not scared to show his badman credentials to anyone that wants to step against the Real Queffa.

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