Vybz Kartel x Jodi Couture- ‘Backshot’

Vybz Kartel and Jodi Couture link up to fix up the classi Spragga Benz and Lady Saw anthem ‘Backshot’ for 2018. 

Vybz Kartel has been pouring out music towards the end of 2018, showcasing some of the incredible new talent signed to Vybz Kartel Musik including Jodi Couture and Ili Sanchea. Alongside showcasing new talent Kartel’s camp is also preparing to release his upcoming album ‘Exiled Pharaoh’ and working on his current appeal case. 

‘Backshot’ much like the original Spragga Benz and Lady Saw cut is an extremely raunchy song, with Jodi Couture repeating the iconic hook from the original. Arguably the verses by Vybz Kartel (never someone to be outdone) and Jodi Couture are even more explicit than the original verses from Spragga and Lady Saw. Unlike Jodi Couture breaks out her New York side on the track showing off her American accent in a similar way to how Ili Sanchea showed off her British accent on ‘Ouchea’, with both members of the Gaza nation breaking out into rap flows during their tracks with the World Boss, as the Gaza Nation is clearly branching out more internationally than Vybz Kartel’s previous Portmore Empire, let’s just see if the stars of the Gaza Nation will be as successful as those of the Portmore Empire. 

Check out Vybz Kartel’s relick of the Lady Saw and Spragga Benz classic ‘Backshot’ below, as Kartel and Jodi Couture turn up the raunchiness and drop an even more explicit version of the track, so much so that on the single there is the explicit track, the clean track and then the super clean track. 

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