Vybz Kartel x Lolaa Smiles- ‘Addi Right Size’

Adidija Palmer ‘Addi Right Size’ for Lolaa Smiles on their follow up single to ‘Power Of Love’.

Vybz Kartel and Lolaa Smiles link up for the second time in four months on ‘Addi Right Size’, following the release of ‘Power Of Love’ in August, the video for which was released last month.

‘Addi Right Size’ is produced by Eagle Sound Productions, as the name of the track suggests we are about to see Vybz Kartel’s anatomy broken down into the most explicit details. Lolaa Smiles calls for Addi show why he has his reputation of being skilled in the bedroom. Lolaa Smiles is clearly quite satisfied with what Addi is providing declaring “Addi the right size”. Addi has clearly lived up to his reputation and has definitely left a happy customer in Lolaa Smiles.

‘Addi Right Size’ comes as part of a recent series of releases from the Gaza looking to promote the incredible talent that Vybz Kartel is currently promoting through Vybz Kartel Musik. With Vybz Kartel unveiling the most recent member of the Gaza Nation, Chinee yesterday, with Chinee appearing in photos alongside both Addi and Sikka Rymes.

Check out Lolaa Smiles’ glowing review of Addi’s skills in the bedroom on ‘Addi Right Size’ below.

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